About Mountain Tahini

Mountain Tahini harnesses the natural goodness of sesame seeds traditionally milled on ancient stone to produce a high quality and delicious tasting tahini.
Our sesame seeds are sourced from Ethiopia where they are grown using time-honored farming methods inherently free of chemicals and pesticides. The strict harvesting process ensures a superior quality of sesame seeds are maintained.
The sesame seeds are then ground on genuine millstones crafted in Syria and France in the 1920s. This age-old method ensures the premium taste and full-bodied aroma Mountain Milling Tahini is known for. This technique is used all around the world including the United States, Canada, Thailand and Nepal.

Mountain Tahini is made from whole sesame seeds
and comes in packs of 500 g and 1 kg.

Health Benefits of Mountain Tahini:
Sesame seeds contain a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B3, A, E and more, as well as essential fatty acids and proteins. Each of these vitamins and minerals play a powerful role in the healthy function of the nervous system and immune system.
Sesame seeds are particularly high in calcium, known as the life-giving mineral, and essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system, muscles, blood clotting and bone composition. A body depleted in calcium will leach required levels from bones that in turn can lead to osteoporosis, fractures and various other bone diseases. Calcium deficiencies can also adversely affect the formation of bones and teeth.
It is vital to the body’s overall health that adequate calcium intake is maintained through practicing healthy eating habits in life.

Tahini is a perfect regular calcium source for all bodies and is a particularly a great calcium substitute for those either allergic to dairy products or who suffer Lactose Intolerance.